Only four kilometres (2.48 miles) from your cottage, the Puurijärvi- Isosuo National Park provides you with a winding hiking trail behind the adjacent forest. All nature–oriented guests can experience the serenity and quietude of the marshlands. (Appropriate footware is needed.)

The nearby forests offer ideal terrain for berry- and mushroom- picking in unspoiled Finnish nature. Splendid views are available from the suspension bridge over the Kokemäki River. Don`t forget to take your camera with you!

All-terrain vehicles and a brand new two-alley curling rink are located at a close distance from your cottage. Available all year. A very recommendable challenge and leisure activity for the beginner, as well as for the pro.

Cranes, osprey, swans, and a multitude of water birds are observable from your cottages’ living rooms. Some stay for the summer; others migrate farther north. A bird observation tower is half-an-hour's drive away. Don't forget your binoculars and camera!
Also, we rent bikes and have various alternative routes for you.

Several large supermarkets are available for daily shopping. Products of local artists and handcrafters can be purchased, too.

A Kokemäki "must" is the walking of the historical Villa Cuma route in the center of the town. You cross two bridges and visit locations where Finnish history has its roots. Fishermen and hunters, kings and bishops, judges and bailiffs, seal hunters, and tradesmen frequented the area.